Waiurutoa Stream

Water generally 'cleaner' = less sediment then Le Roy's. Confirmed by lack of mud close to the main water course.

4 September 2009
6 bottom set traps. All baited with dog food and two with additional lights. 4 traps set below a 1 m high waterfall which would be major barrier to fish, two in pools above it. Water temp taken at about 05h00 = 10 C at pool closest to bridge.
5 September 2009
Water temp taken at 07h45 = 10 C at same place and depth.
Trap 1 = 1 Inanga – no snails
Trap 2 = 1 Short-finned Eel – silver belly – no snails
Trap 3 = empty – no snails
Trap 4 = 7 Bullys, 2 Banded Kokopu, 1 Crayfish – no snails. Not sure about these Bullys. They all had the top of the dorsal fin a pink/orange colour which suggests Cran's Bully, but it seems that they are very confusing and difficult to identify. No photographs of these - but we can target them later in the piece to make sure we know what they are.
Trap 5 = empty – heaps of snails
Trap 6 = empty – heaps of snails.


Two of the Banded Kokopu caught in the trap, close to life size.

Koura caught. Close to life size - look at the eggs it is carrying!!