Photographs of Banded Kokopu and some of their habitat in the Waiurutoa stream tributary adjacent to Park road. 2 September 2011
The 'dent' in the belly which extends forwards from the anal to the paired pelvic fins indicates that these fish have spawned in this stream this year. This probably applies to the 'first year' fish photographed below also.


Adult Kokopu caught on 2/09/2011 weight 66 g length 180 mm


Adult Kokopu caught on 2/09/2011 weight 39 g length 160 mm
Adult Kokopu caught on 2/09/2011 weight 88 g length 200 mm


First year kokopu caught on 2/09/2011 length 110 mm

Fish from photograph 1 - taken from above the pool where it was caught.


Fish from photograph 3 & 4 were caught in this pool.