Preliminary results

Temperature profile of the stream from close to Enterprise road to the pools about 100 m downstream of the second bridge = access to Valley Road entrance.
Samples from 20 Feb to 20 April 2010 approx.
First three samples under canopy cover and water flowing. Middle three samples with limited cover and flowing water. Last sample under cover with limited flow.
I don't know what might have caused the spikes in the first 3 graphs and am open to suggestions.


Size distribution of Banded Kokopu in Le Roys

Size frequency distribution of Banded Kokopu in Le Roy's (n=300) 10 mm increments starting from 50 mm TL.


Size frequency distribution of Banded Kokopu in Waiurutoa stream (n=130). This is before the suspected breeding areas have been sampled (Dec 2010). 10 mm increments starting from 50 mm TL.

There has been a major reduction in banded kokopu in the main breeding area of the stream. Currently not sure if this is 'real' and I need to do some more trapping here, but there were hardly any fish caught here in February and in March, there were very few also and all above the drains that flow into the stream from Enterprise street. Not sure if there has been a pollution event, but it is possible. Not all bad though and I located a dead kokopu at least 0.5 m above the normal flow level of the stream (see pic) and this gives some indication of where the minimum flow is during floods here and therefore an indication of where any eggs might get caught up, assuming there are still some breeding fish in the stream. My guess is that this dead fish was washed up here in the large amount of rain that we experienced last weekend (=2-4 March or so). I've previously been looking for eggs in all the wrong places and little wonder I've not found any! Will be doing some more trapping in the Enterprise tributary part of the stream as soon as I can but that depends on getting a rain free night over a weekend, which have been very scarce of late.