Data can be collected as a GROUP. You need to maintain a LOGBOOK in which you record your thoughts about what went on.

All ANALYSIS and EVALUATION needs to be done INDIVIDUALLY. The ACTION can be COLLABORATIVE and the decisions made as to what to do/included determined by concensus within the group.

YOU need to develop the ACTION PLAN and critique EACH STEP of the process. For this you need to determine what did/didn't work and if you want to change something, give reasons for this.

You need to consider EACH aspect (environmental, cultural, social and political) and EVALUATE how our little project could have influenced/impacted/provided information etc to each of these 4 perspectives. This would involve some literature searching, documentation and evaluation of some of the processes/interactions involved with each of these. You also need to consider your PERSONAL evaluation of the project. Depending on the depth to which you go, will determine the level of grade that you are awarded.


The data you collected in 3.1 as a group CAN be used for this. All the other requirements MUST be done on an INDIVIDUAL basis. This is about the consequences of the introduction of an exotic species into the ecosystem. You need to consider this under the expanded framework of consequences for the same factors as above (environmental, cultural, social and political) .