Level 2 Requirements


Collection of data is done by the GROUP. I need to collect EVIDENCE that everyone is doing their bit(s). EVIDENCE is provided in the form of photographs (see that page), a LOGBOOK and contributions to the discussion forum here. Nothing is too small to be recorded as it all adds to the big picture.

ANALYSIS of the data and your EVALUATION has to be done INDIVIDUALLY.

The action can be done as a GROUP after some COLLABORATION as to which parts of the data/action are determined to be the best.

Reporting back to DOC, Fish & Game, Wai Care, Le Roy's Management Committee, in the form of a detailed report/presentation is a suitable action response. The report back can be a composite of all the reports, as decided by the group. This will constitute a valid action for all, but the reports and personal evaluations will be necessary for the marking and granting of individual grades. Likewise, a presentation of the project and data at the Waicare meeting at the end of May would be considered as an action. I will provide guidance and oversee the actions so that I can be convinced that everyone is having inputs.

The data you collected for 2.1 CAN be used for this standard. Everything else needs to be done on an individual level.

This is about the consequences of the introduction of an exotic species into the ecosystem. The same data for 2.1 can be used to form the basis of your efforts and consequences can take pretty much any format, provided you can justify your arguments.