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This has been set up to facilitate YOUR Education for Sustainability Achievement Standards. Use it wisely. I will be monitoring it from time to time as it is a way for me to collect evidence that you have reached elements in the various standards.

To [[#|access]] the standards click here to go to the NCEA website. You must search under 'Environmental Sustainability'. The standards we could do are 90810 and 90811 at Level 2 and 90828 and 90829 at Level 3.

What you need to do for Level 2
What you need to do for Level 3
Giant Kokopu in Le Roy's

Young fish sampled on 4 December 2012 might be young giant? Maybe they are more widespread than I thought. Watch this space.

Young Giant Kokopu.gif

Overnight sampling on 1 September 2012 resulted in a Giant Kokopu being caught in the Le Roy's stream. The origins of the fish are unknown and it is not clear if this individual has been in the stream since the survey began in August 2009 or is a new arrival (but from where?). There was a suggestion that a young fish caught in 2009 could have been a Giant, but it's identity was not confirmed. Maybe this is that fish? The Giant Kokopu was photographed and released at the point of capture.

Major differences in the breeding of Gambusia in Le Roy's this time around when compared to the previous two years. Check out the evaluation page

Waiurutoa stream - pictures of kokopu caught and their habitats 2 September 2011

Check out the photographs of the Banded Kokopu spawning on the aquarium page
Check out the dragonfly photographed at Le Roy's on Boxing Day on the photographs page.

NEW DATA Page for Swamp sampling - Check out the picture of the GIANT BULLY we caught on Sunday - another new distribution record for the stream. Mark and re-capture analysis of the data from above the waterfall, suggests that there are 130 odd Kokopu above the waterfall, but only 30 in the section below that to the first bridge.

Banded Kokopu whitebait in Le Roy's stream on 4 October above the waterfall = much earlier than last year (2011).

Checkout the photograph of developing eggs inside a female kokopu picked up dead on 10 April - PROOF that they are breeding in Le Roy's stream. We just have to find the places where they breed now!

Check out this link for information on the visit by the Minister of the Environment on Saturday 14th November.

Dec 2012 fish sampling information here:- trapping over the weekend - meet at valley road tomorrow morning (Friday 14th) at 7h30 or therabouts.

Check out the Conductivity profile we created on 14/11/09 on the preliminary results page. This is from above the waterfall to the hole under the sewer only.

Check out the Temperature profile of the stream from Enterprise road to the second bridge - in the preliminary results page.
Check out the results from the Gambusia sampling so far on the preliminary results page.

Census of fish in the whole stream and particularly the 'Gambusia ' zone and determination of the flow channels through the swamp as a possible area where Gambusia might interact with the NZ endemics. Check the evaluation/reflection page for the survey outcomes from 1 August 2009.

How we feel? - listen to the clip on the evaluation page.

Wai Care Expo Display and Aucklander article

Bjarte Nygard last year finished a masters study on Gambusia, including study of the population at the same site as you. Currently we are trying to get a hold of the complete thesis but in the mean time, for your interest, here is the abstract... I now have a copy of the thesis and am in the process of reading it.

This is the link for the Genbank for Callum http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=nucleotide

Check out this link for the effect of Gambusia on native NZ fish in captivity. http://www.niwa.co.nz/news-and-publications/publications/all/wa/12-2/gambusia