Aquarium News - News worthy events from the aquarium at school

5th September 2010 - Crans Bully has laid eggs under the same rock as last year. I thought something had happened a few days ago when the male was all black - like last year and not very keen to move away from the rock. Red-finned Bully taken up residence under a particular rock - maybe the same thing happening there, but no eggs visible currently. No sign of eggs from Common Bully yet. Torrentfish keeping a very low profile and not moving around much either - what is their breeding story I wonder?

12 September 2011

Banded Kokopu found spawning in the aquarium. Probably dumping eggs from failed breeding earlier this year, due to unsuitable conditions (I still don't know how to replicate a flood in our lab but am working on it). Now I know what to look for in the stream - to date have not seen anything like this, so I wonder if we are looking in the right places? More on this when we have some news!


Female Banded Kokopu and egg mass protruding from vent in aquarium on 12/13 Sept 2011. Vigorous 'rubbing motions' along the bottom dislodged them.


Female Banded Kokopu (pictured above) and eggs (small polystyrene ball like) in aquarium 13 Sept 2011. Very sticky and difficult to dislodge.

December 2011

G3 is in the process of being converted into a night/dark facility pending the use of the kokopu for the year 13 Biology niche investigation in 2012. There are now 4 tanks in there, all running with coolers and the kokopu have been transferred from the main tank (2 each) into the four tanks. The bullys have been left as is.

It will take some time for them to acclimatise but already there is a trend for the fish to be sitting quietly in the water column at the far part of the tank, away from the water inlet. They then scurry for cover when the light is turned on. Red filters have not been fitted to all lights yet, but those with the red filters remain on station. Red filters will be fitted to all lights today, so that all the tanks are the same.